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Tips for building a good app

Tips for building a good app


You wish to build a mobile app, you don’t know anything about programming, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money (or no money at all) ? Make me Droid is your man, it will help you build the best customized app.

To start, here are some tips from a user, written while building a real app on Make me Droid, so you can see what it’s possible to achieve. You can of course do better, and all of this for free if you don’t want to purchase options.


Here are a few examples of features you can add to your app:

  • Add texts and pictures, set their size and much more properties
  • Add ATOM, RSS feeds, or JSON content
  • Add a social networks sharing popup (facebook, twitter, google+, and more)
  • Insert a web radio
  • Use a messaging screen
  • Display HTML content
  • Create quiz, surveys
  • Setup a private access area in the app
  • Link your WordPress blog to your app
  • Monetize your app (either by adding ads, or by selling it on the app stores)
  • Visualize app stats
  • Automatic app updates are simple and fast
  • Online chat support, forum
  • And much more…

A full guide is provided by Make me Droid to understand even more what you can do:


First, before you start building your application, you must know what kind of thing you would like to get in the end. Get the “big picture” of your project. Then, you need to check if what you want to do is really doable or not on Make me Droid. Because yes, as for every online builder, there are some limitations. For this, you may contact the Make me Droid support on the forum and describe your project.

When you are sure your app is doable, you can try the tool, and get assistance from the Make me Droid team or from other users from the forum, or on the online chat.


Here are some important things that will help getting a good app:

  • The application must be easy to use, and content must be found easily
  • Have a nice design
  • Provide useful and cool features
  • Must run fast

With these, you will have a good start.

To keep understanding, here are more details:

Making a nice app requires using nice colors. The best way to start is to use 2 main colors. I chose white and blue. But some other pairs can work aswell: white and red, gray and white, orange and white… Just don’t use too many colors, that would make a mess.

Something important is to avoid using too dark colors. Dark colors reduce readability.

Some other important things: simplicity, and speed

Users will like your app if it’s fast, and if it’s fast to find interesting content. For this, build simple and nice menus, and use small pictures to avoid long loading times.

Building nice screens can seem to be a bit hard at first using Make me Droid, but after understanding how it works, it’s really worth spending a few minutes practicing.


Content means data, but also the way data is shown in the app.

To provide a nice content, you have to:

  • Have text matching your application title
  • Have nice pictures. Use PNG format for transparency
  • Add Quiz, surveys, and other interactive content
  • Depending on your app type: show news, music, videos…

Important item: it’s highly recommended to provide new content rather often, every week, or at least every month. If your app doesn’t have any new content to provide, users will uninstall it quite quickly.

How to provide new content? One nice way among many others is to use a RSS feed, because once it’s integrated in the application, you just have to update that feed (from your blog for example), and the app will show it automatically and instantly. You then don’t have to manually edit your screen and send app updates for every change you make.

Here is a easy guide to put a RSS feed in your app.

You can also provide new videos, new quiz, new articles every week to make your application richer.


This last part is about testing, yourself, or asking some friends to do so :

  • You need neutral opinions, instead of your personal vision. You may like your app but later find out that when other people use it, they don’t really like it like you do… Ask friends to try your app first, and make sure it will be liked by most of your future users.
  • The more an app is liked, the more it will get good ratings on the app stores, and the better search ranking you will have (=more downloads).
  • Get new ideas from your friends about what could be improved (new features, improvements…)

After you get the above 3 parts in mind, you just have to spend some time practicing the Make me Droid tool, and finally build a cool app.

This post was written by a Make me Droid user. You can contact him by email :

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