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Ratings and Comments

Ratings and Comments

We recently added 2 new items on the screen designer. You can add them to your screens as usual.

The rating control


The rating control is a 5 stars rating. The average score is shared among all app users, so everyone can see the same score for an in-app item.

You can add as many rating items as you want, and they will all manage a different score.

The comments control


This control shows at first the current number of comments. When touched, a popup shows up, showing the list of all recent comments. Users can then write their own comment.

There is also a vote capability, so everyone can thumb up or down a comment. Good comments will appear in green to be more visible, and bad comments will show in light gray, almost invisible.

How to reuse the same rating or comments score, in other places in my app?

Every rating or comments control has a “social key” property. Just select the control and you will get it from the properties panel.

By default, Make me Droid creates a unique key for you, so you don’t have to mind it. Nevertheless, you can change that key to whatever string you like, and you can reuse the same key on another rating control. The same social key leads to the same shared data.

How to use rating or comments for dynamic lists such as RSS feeds or JSON data source?


If you use a static social key for every item of a RSS news list for instance, all those dynamic items will share the same rating or comments. This is not what we expect.

Instead, you can use keywords as the social key. Keywords, as explained in some of our Make me Droid guides about “forms” and “data sources”, are words such as $[title]. For a RSS source, you can then set the social key value to “$[title]”, and you will make sure all your items will not share the same content.

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