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Christmas app made 54% of the income in new started project

Christmas app made 54% of the income in new started project

bow-22254_640Christmas app was not what a young couple first have thought about when they decided to start a new project together, a project they both wanted to work on. They decided to create a website with creative guides for homemade christmas gifts and decorations. It was early summer and not many people were visiting the website, but after a few months, the couple had built a database with creative guides. The couple then wanted to get more users, so they tried out Make me Droid free app editor which they used to build up their mobile application.

The new christmas app is borned

The christmas app was very simple, it was build up with a gallery for every guide, with pictures and texts. The application got published on both on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

After a few couple of months, the app storage raised a lot, because of many new guides had been made with a lot of extra pictures. The couple thought that the app should be able to be used without data connection, so instead of showing guides from external sources, they decided to make a “Lite” version of the original christmas app they already had submitted.

Time to expand

They used Make me Droid´s WordPress Plugin for connecting their website and the new “Lite” version app together and in this way, users could read guides directly from the website, without any data copy. This app would always need data connection, but instead it used only 10% of the storage size that original app used.

Both applications were published for free and both of them used AdMob banner ads, which the couple also had on their website.

Now christmas is over and they have counted up the earnings. And 54% of the incomes come from their mobile apps! They used Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube to promote the website, but the chrismas app still made the biggest income.

We asked them a few questions about their apps:

Did you expect your apps would get so much earnings?

-Absolutely not. Actually we didn´t expect any income this first year, but after seeing these results, then we are happy that we chosed to build an app from the “beginning”, else this have just been “lost” money.

Did your do any advertising for your apps?

-We didn´t pay for any advertising for the apps. We showed them on our website and we talked about it on Facebook updates, then we used WordPress Plugin Smart App Banners to show download links for apps when users visit our website from a mobile device.

Is it a big work to update the apps every time?

-Our Lite-version is updated automaticly. When we publish a new guide on the website, the app also gets the new content immediatelly.

-In the original app, there was much more work, but we thought it was a compromise for the appto be used offline. So we never thought this has been time lost, we are still happy that we decided to have this app and actually the original app also have a lot more users than the Lite version.

What will happen now?

-We will keep the app updates with new creative guides. For the original app we will do this manually, and for the Lite app will continue to let that work automatically.

-We were thinking about starting using some of the other MMD features for making other things in app for keeping people a little longer. We think a important thing for having an app is to have it updated often with new content.

Do you have any plans to start advertising the app in future?

-As we said we never expected any income the first year, so maybe we want to reinvest the money we got from advertising to advertise for the apps, but otherwise, we have no plans to start a big advertising campaign for the app.

It had been very exciting to get a little closer and hear about their story and we look forward to following their project in the future.

Short resume

We have gathered a stack of images from their original application (they are very similar to each other), but of course you can also try to download their Christmas app for your device and see it by yourself:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox
The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Finally, we would also like to focus on Smart App Banners, there is a free wordpress plugin which the couple had great pleasure using together with their website for getting more downloads.

Price: Free

And of course, the Make me Droid Mobile App Connector, which they used for the Lite version of their original Christmas application.

Price: Free

It was a successful experience for the couple to make their own Christmas app, since it provided additional income. Maybe this can help you to get a better start when you start your new project.

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