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Find easter eggs and get 500 FREE Push messages

Find easter eggs and get 500 FREE Push messages

This event has ended The Easter is upon us and we want Make me Droid users to feel that. We have chosen to hide 5 easter eggs somewhere on our pages. If you can find them all, we will give you 500 free push messages to use in the application you use the most. Push messages are an excellent tool to get more active users. By sending useful information to your users you have the opportunity to get them open the application in just one click. (Use push messages wisely so it isn’t going to look like spam). If you…

Tips for building a good app

You wish to build a mobile app, you don’t know anything about programming, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money (or no money at all) ? Make me Droid is your man, it will help you build the best customized app. To start, here are some tips from a user, written while building a real app on Make me Droid, so you can see what it’s possible to achieve. You can of course do better, and all of this for free if you don’t want to purchase options. Here are a few examples of features you can…

Ratings and Comments

We recently added 2 new items on the screen designer. You can add them to your screens as usual. The rating control The rating control is a 5 stars rating. The average score is shared among all app users, so everyone can see the same score for an in-app item. You can add as many rating items as you want, and they will all manage a different score. The comments control This control shows at first the current number of comments. When touched, a popup shows up, showing the list of all recent comments. Users can then write their own…